Responsible partners: Nasuvinsa and Baskegur

Description: The adoption of proactive measures to promote the use of BIM – Building Information Modelling – technology in the construction sectors makes it possible to guarantee environmental and social economic benefits. Experience nº2 is the first step and pilot test of the application of this technology to social housing projects.

One of the applications of this technology is the study and traceability of high-rise timber construction through the preparation of the building’s Materials Passport, which allows the characteristics of the different components and construction systems of the building to be inventoried. This information also enables a comparative study to be carried out between projects with a high-rise timber structure and the corresponding construction resources used compared to the alternative with traditional construction materials. The aspects to be compared are the carbon footprint, the use of energy, water and waste. Through this quantification of resources, we have worked towards the objective of energy efficiency and efficient use of resources, applied to new social housing developments within the “Navarra Social Housing” Housing Plan.