Organised by SerQ, the Workshop “Wood Construction: Challenges and Opportunities” took place on 27 and 28 March at the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Coimbra. This workshop was organised under Working Group 3 and was attended by more than 200 professionals from the Construction and Forestry sectors in Spain, Portugal and France.


On 28 March 2023, Eguralt partners participated in the Session dedicated to the dissemination of the project results, which was part of the Workshop. The session was an opportunity for the Eguralt partners to present the objectives and results to the participants.

Oskar Azkarate, Director of Baskegur, opened the session on Eguralt. Then, Ana Ariz (Nasuvinsa) presented the case study “Promotion of social housing – NAVARRA”. Afterwards, Aline Barlet (ENSAP Bordeaux) presented the results on the perception of wood construction in the Sudoe space. This was followed by Roberto Alfonso (Cesefor Foundation) and Vanesa Baño, former project manager and current researcher at InnovaWood, who together presented the “Guide for Medium-Height Wood Construction in the SUDOE region”.

The session continued with a presentation of the potential of species and other local resources for construction. Carlos Martins (SerQ) took the floor to present the experiences carried out together with Cesefor in the scope of Working Group 2. Next, José Manuel Cabrero (Universidad de Navarra – Cátedra Madera) explained the experiences developed together with Ademan with prefabricated wooden floors using autochthonous species. This was followed by Denis Bruneau (ENSAP Bordeaux) who concluded by explaining the experiences made on solutions involving the use of PCM (Phase Change Material) solutions, an envelope solution to improve the thermal performance of wooden buildings.

He was followed by Manuel Touza (XERA) who presented to the participants a set of good practices to promote the durability of wooden structures in CLT. The session dedicated to the Eguralt project ended with the presentation of the Eguralt Network by Apolline Oswald (Xylofutur). This Network, which is part of GT3, is an International Collaborative Network of actors dedicated to innovation and transformation in the wood industry.