Project Description


Dissemination, capitalization of knowledge and awareness of the change of paradigm towards sustainable wooden construction

XERA leads this working group, with the participation of all partners, to develop training and awareness-raising actions in their territories.

This working group has three main objectives:

  • Disseminate and capitalize on the results obtained throughout the implementation of the project, paying particular attention to the target group.

  • Raise public awareness of sustainable construction using wood by promoting seminars.

  • Knowledge transfer through training workshops for the university community.

Following the development of these tasks, short videos of the experiments carried out in WG2 will be produced; a Wood Construction Network will be created in the SUDOE area, realised by agents from different regions, participating in dissemination workshops engaged in the application of innovation and transformation of the sector; and an interdisciplinary training module on timber construction at height will be created.

Dissemination campaign

As part of A3.4, a dissemination campaign was set up on the project’s social networks.

See the messages included in this campaign here.