The EGURALT Network is an international collaborative network of stakeholders interested in the promotion of mid-rise timber buildings and related technological innovations.

Participating entities commit themselves to:

  • Actively share updates, ideas, information and, to some extent, data within the network;

  • Exchange knowledge, experiences, best practices and expertise;

  • Seek and/or create opportunities for a collective and collaborative effort to increase knowledge and understanding of mid-rise timber construction;

  • Invite other stakeholders who share the network’s vision and commitment to join the network. 

Download here the Declaration of Interest to be part of the EGURALT Network


  • Products

  • Website:
  • Represented by: Nelson Manuel GOMES PEDROSA (Director of production)
  • Contact: Nelson Manuel GOMES PEDROSA
    Rua Dr. Luís Pereira da Costa nº78
    2425-617 Monte Redondo – Leiria
  • Products and services offered: Various services that make it possible to ensure a supply of raw materials to other timber construction sectors, and technological knowledge regarding construction requirements.
  • Examples of projects related to the subject: OptimizedWood
  • Regions of activity: Portugal and West Africa.
  • Website:
  • Represented by: Oskia SALDISE (Managing Director)
  • Contact: Oskia SALDISE (Managing Director)
  • Products and services offered: LSL (laminated strand lumber) / LIGNUMSTRAND.
  • Examples of projects related to the subject: No experience yet at medium altitude.
  • Regions of activity: Spain, EU and US
  • Builders

  • Website:
  • Represented by: Joaquín Fernandes
  • Contact: Joaquín Fernandes
    +351 22 944 6969
    Rua Silva Aroso nº 630
    4455-559 Matosinhos
  • Products and services offered: NF has expertise in the field of timber construction, in particular lightweight timber frame solutions and large structures, with a multidisciplinary team. It has recently strengthened its business area with new facilities, specifically for the production of CLT panels and glulam beams.
  • Examples of projects related to the subject: NF has an extensive portfolio of timber structures built nationally and internationally, and also aims to make its mark in the building industry with CLT-based solutions.
  • Regions of activity: Portugal and Europe.
  • Website:
  • Represented by: Sergi Sebastia Sarrona (Sales Manager)
  • Contact: Sergi Sebastia Sarrona
    +34 973 620 373
  • Products and services offered: CLT, light beam, heavy beam, timber structures, KVH, BSH.
  • Examples of projects related to the subject: Building in Palma de Mallorca / 6-storey building in Barcelona / 3-storey single-family building in Lleida.
  • Regions of activity: Spain and France.
  • Promoters

  • Design offices

  • Website:
  • Represented by: Julien FOURNIER, President
  • Contact: Patrice PICOURY, Sales Manager
  • Products and services offered: Structural engineering office.
  • Examples of projects related to the subject: R+8 CLT building (Issy les Moulineaux) and R+6 CLT building (Paris)
  • Regions of activity: France and Europe.
  • Others

  • Website:
  • Represented by: Aida Santana Sosa, Researcher and Lecturer at Department for Building and Design
  • Contact: Aida Santana Sosa
    +43 1 606 68 77 – 2265
  • Products and services offered: Practical and scientific expertise n the field of the architectural and structural design of mid-and-high-rise timber buildings. Collaborations with national and international construction companies and research institutions.
  • Examples of projects related to the subject: Barrier to a wider implementation of timber multistorey buildings.
  • Regions of activity: Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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