The project

FEDER Budget: 1.011.562,20 €

02/11/2020 – 30/04/2023

EGURALT will make it possible to apply and disseminate innovative solutions for the promotion of mid-rise timber construction in the SUDOE area, thus contributing to the global fight against climate change by promoting the use of natural materials from sustainable and renewable sources.

Eight beneficiary entities from six regions of the SUDOE area will work in three fields: the promotion of high-rise public housing made of wood; the development of new technological products made of wood; and the transformation of the wood sector necessary for the paradigm shift in construction in the SUDOE area. The beneficiary entities of the project combine a multidisciplinary nature of valences (associations for the promotion of wood construction, advanced research centers, business associations, educational institutions, among others) that will improve the achievement of results and their dissemination in the SUDOE area. Transnational cooperation will allow the objectives set out in the project to be applied on a global scale, with particular attention to the SUDOE area, and with greater potential for the expansion of trade networks between the entities involved in its implementation.

The main contributions will be:

  • Exchange of knowledge between technological poles, public authorities and industry through stakeholder tables, study visits…

  • Application testing of new products / processes and dissemination through workshops with industry (especially in SMEs) to improve the implementation of new solutions with higher added value in their portfolio.

  • Capitalization of knowledge through training courses for wood advisors in the construction industry, awareness among the public and public authorities and international positioning through networks.

The EGURALT project is co-financed by FEDER funds within the framework of the Interreg SUDOE program. It has a FEDER budget of 1.011.562,20 €