On Tuesday 25 April, from 10:00 to 14:30, a workshop will be held at Visesa’s facilities in Vitoria-Gasteiz, to present the results of the experiments carried out by Working Group 2 of the Eguralt project.

The programme of the event is as follows:

Strategic lines to promote timber construction

10:00 Carlos Quindós, General Manager of Visesa

10:05 Jacobo Aboal, Director of the Galician Forestry Industry Agency

10:20 Alberto Bayona, Managing Director of Nasuvinsa

10:35 Ruben Goñi, General Director of Strategic Projects – Government of Navarre

10:50 Raúl Pérez Iratxeta, Director of Quality and Food Industries – Basque Government

Good practice in timber construction at height

11:05 Oskar Azkarate, Director of Baskegur

11:10 Wood in industrialised construction.

Alex Santamaría, Responsible for Industrialisation, Urbanisation and Environmental Files in Visesa.

11:25 Social housing built in wood, a reality in Navarre: project 39 Entremutilvas.

Roberto Erviti, Founding Partner MRM arquitectos.

11:40 Evolution of high-rise construction with wood and strategic projects.

Unai Gorroño, Commercial Director of Egoin.

EGURALT: project disclaimer and conclusions

12:30 Irati Zabala, Technical Department, Baskegur

Introduction to the Eguralt project, its actions and results.

12:45 Luis-Alfonso Basterra, Professor of Architectural Constructions, University of Valladolid.

Innovation for the promotion of high-rise timber construction in the SUDOE: Identification and Analysis.

13:00 Manuel Touza, Technical Department, XERA – CIS MADEIRA

Construction design and durability of CLT projects.

13:15 Maitane Zazu, Head of Special Projects Section, Nasuvinsa.

Navarra Social Housing and actions linked to the housing plan.

13:30 Olatz Esparza, Manager of Ademan.

Prefabricated slab system based on boards or other wooden elements for the cores and insulation.

13:45 María Azahara Soilán, Technical Department, XERA – CIS MADEIRA

Perception survey and awareness campaign.

14:00 Round table


The workshop will take place at Edificio El Boulevard (C/ Zaramaga, 1A, 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz).

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