Responsible partner: ADEMAN (Spain)

Description: ADEMAN participates in the development of Working Group 2 and especially in A2.2 “Experimentation in pre-industrialisation processes”. In the framework of this WG and of A2.2, it develops the Experiment nº5 “Development of a prefabricated slab system from boards or other wood elements for the cores and insulation”.

The University of Navarra, through Catedra Madera, has been awarded the contract to carry out the flexural tests. The objective of these four-point tests, by the EN408 standard, is to determine the flexural strength of prototype structural elements.

For Experiment 5, a total of 9 different configurations are being carried out in the laboratory, with two beam lengths (4 and 7.5m), different board material compositions (all LSL or combined with C24), and beam edges. In addition, the study of a configuration with central bracing and the study of the connection between two beams is also envisaged.

Figure 1. Prototypes after testing.

Figure 2. Box girders in the laboratory.

Figure 3. Prototype box girders loaded for transport to the laboratory.

Throughout this week the flexural tests are being carried out, currently, 6 box girders of 7.5 m in length have been tested. All the specimens show shear failure in the flanges, in the glue line area, following the predictions of the analytical model.