The conference served for the Eguralt Project to present a book on the State of the Art of wood construction in the Sudoe Area.

The partners of the European Interreg Sudoe Eguralt project met last Friday 27th May at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valladolid to celebrate an International Conference onhigh-rise timber construction. The event, organised by Cesefor and the University of Valladolid, was attended by more than 50 professionals from the construction and forestry sectors from Spain, Portugal and France.

The conference served for the Eguralt Project to present a book on the State of the Art of wood construction in the Sudoe Area. This work, carried out by researchers from Cesefor and the University of Valladolid, includes, among other things, the history and evolution of timber construction, construction techniques using this material and society’s perception of timber buildings. In addition, a fundamental part of the book are the 28 technical data sheets on timber buildings in Southwest Europe, which explain in detail all the characteristics of these buildings.

The day began at 9 a.m. and was opened by Arantxa Arregui, Head of Section at Nasuvinsa, and Vanesa Baño, researcher at Cesefor. After the presentation of the Interreg Europe Eguralt programme, Manuel Touza, Xera technician, and Oskar Azkarate, director of Baskegur, explained the opportunities identified for medium-height building with wood.

Next, it was the turn of Maitane Zazu, Head of the Special Projects Section, and Ana Aritz, Sustainable Territorial Development technician, who shared Nasuvinsa’s work in relation to the Public Promotion of wooden buildings in Navarre. The first part of the conference was concluded by Carlos Martins, research doctor at SerQ, who presented new product and technology experiments, and Luis Jorge, Manager of Tisem, who explained the work carried out on a wooden building in the centre of Lisbon.

After a break, the floor was given to Berenice Kimpe, European Projects Manager at Xylofutur, who presented the Eguralt Wooden Construction Network. Vanesa Baño, project manager and Gonzalo Cabrera researcher from Cesefor and Alfonso Basterra, Professor of Architectural Constructions and Gamaliel López and Patricia Vallelado, researchers, from the University of Valladolid, who explained the process of elaboration of the book on the state of the art and the technical data sheets. The morning concluded with the presentation of the Hyperion Residence building by David Sebastián.

In the afternoon, 4 more buildings were presented; the day was resumed by Miguel Nevado, who detailed the work he carried out on the La Borda and La Balma buildings. He was followed by Antonio José Lara who uncovered all the details about the construction of the Impulso Verde building. The penultimate building was Wittywood Office, presented by Jorge Blasco, while José Toral closed the day talking about the 85 VPO building in Cornellá.