As a result of the collaboration agreement between the Cesefor Foundation and the University of Valladolid within the framework of the Sudoe-Eguralt project, technical data sheets have been prepared on 28 medium-rise wooden buildings built or under construction in the SUDOE area (Spain, Portugal and southern France).

The work has been carried out by an interdisciplinary group composed of Architects, Civil Engineers and Forestry Engineers, led by Vanesa Baño from Cesefor and Alfonso Basterra from the University of Valladolid, who have visited the buildings and conducted surveys on the design and construction process to the actors involved. Each technical sheet is composed of 4 pages that provide information on the agents involved, the height, number of floors, species and volume of wood used, structural system, use and budget, as well as graphic information on the design and construction process.

This first file is the “Perspective” office building in Bordeaux. The 7-storey building was completed in 2018 and is intended for office use. At 30 m high, the structure was resolved by the post and beam system, using micro-laminated timber or LVL elements, which involved the use of 123 m3 of timber, accounting for 66% of the material used in the structure, and representing a potential environmental benefit with the capture of approximately 39 tons of CO2.

1. Office Building Perspective