On the 19th and 20th of October 2022, the partners of the Interreg SUDOE Eguralt project will attend the EGURTEK International Conference in Bilbao. Specifically, on the 20th from 15:00 to 17:30, the consortium members will organise a Technical Day on the project.

The conference will be opened by Arantza Arregui, representative of Nasuvinsa – leading partner of the project, and Oskar Azkarate, general manager of Baskegur – organising partner of the event. They will give the floor to Azahara Soilán (XERA) who will present the opportunities identified for mid-rise buildings with wood, within the framework of the project’s WG1. Following this WG, Aline Barlet and Régis Le Normand (ENSAP Bordeaux) will speak on the users’ perception of timber buildings.

The day will continue with a focus on WG2. Maitane Zazu and Ana Ariz (Nasuvinsa) will start with a presentation on the Public promotion of wooden buildings in Navarra. Carlos Martins (SerQ) will continue with his presentation on Structural timber solutions based on local species.

In the framework of WG3, Apolline Oswald (Xylofutur) will present the Network’s objective for medium-rise timber buildings.

To conclude the day, Gonzalo Moltini (Cesefor) will present the book Identification and analysis: content and MyMaps, part of WG1. A panel discussion will follow, allowing participants to ask questions to the speakers.

You can consult the workshop brochure HERE and the event programme on the Egurtek 2022 website.