On Thursday 23 March 2023, from 1.30 pm to 7 pm, a workshop will be held at ENSAP Bordeaux, Amphi 3, to present the results of the Eguralt project’s Working Group 2 experiments.

The programme of the event is as follows

13h30: Welcome of participants

14h00: Summary presentation of the Eguralt project

14h20: Workshops

  • Sustainable development criteria in public procurement
    Maitane Zazu Hernando (Nasuvinsa)
    Géraldine Gay Mallet (Fibois Landes de Gascogne)
  • BIM and preliminary design of wooden social housing
    Maitane Zazu Hernando (Nasuvinsa)
    Pierre Cara (Agence HOBO – Assemblages bois-béton)
    Carlos Martins (SerQ)
    Thomas Brebion (Cruard Charpente)
  • Wood-concrete floor made of local wood
    Carlos Martins (SerQ)
    Philippe Galimard et Jean-Luc Coureau (I2M)
  • Prefabricated floor boxes
    Olatz Esparza (ADEMAN)
    Christophe Jourdain (E-Loft)
  • Use of hardwood in construction
    Gonzalo Cabrera (Cesefor)
    Jean-Jacques Soulas (Cambium Experts)
  • Hardwood glulam
    Gonzalo Cabrera (Cesefor)
    Alain Contal (Critt Bois)
  • Thermal comfort: passive or semi-active thermal mass in timber frames
    Denis Bruneau (ENSAP Bordeaux Nobatek/INEF4)
  • CLT and durability
    Manuel Touza (XERA)
    Nathalie Tramond (Adkalis)

17h35 : Training module

17h55 : Round table on the promotion of medium and high rise timber construction: How? What means? By whom? Which network?

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