During the Woodrise International Congress 2022, 5 Eguralt partner institutions organised the workshop entitled Innovative solutions for the promotion of mid-rise timber session, where they presented the progress of the various GTs of the Eguralt project.

The presentations made by Nasuvinsa, Cesefor, SerQ, Ensap Bordeaux and Xylofutur aroused great interest among the twenty participants of the workshop. Indeed, they stressed the importance of the topics addressed in the framework of the project as a whole. Questions were asked about the availability of the various tools produced, particularly the “Identification and Analysis” book and the Eguralt MyMaps application developed mainly by Cesefor.

Finally, the difference in perception of mid-rise and high-rise timber construction between the Spanish, Portuguese and south-west France populations raised interest. In fact, the inhabitants from the Iberian Peninsula have a rather unfavourable opinion about mid-rise and high-rise timber construction, while French are favourable about it. It led the participants to question the reasons for these differences of opinion and how to change the attitudes and behaviour of these populations.

Questions related to the same topics were discussed the day before at the annual meeting of the WoodRise Alliance, where V. Baño from Cesefor presented a summary of the whole Eguralt project.

The relevance of the information presented on the state of the art of mid- and high-timber buildings was put on the table, underlining the need to know the information in the Southern European countries, since most of the information is focused on the Northern and Central European countries of Europe as well as the USA and Canada.