The International Conference Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures 2022 brought together around 50 participants from all over the world from 7 to 9 September in Prague, Czech Republic.

On the 8th of September (Thursday) Carlos Martins (SERQ) presented part of the results obtained from Working Group 2, “Experimentation of new processes, products and technologies for optimizing the use of wood in construction”, developed in collaboration with CESEFOR.

Carlos Martins described the non-destructive characterization and mechanical processes on second-quality beech boards from Spanish forests. He demonstrated the potential of the wood for use in structural products, being possible to assign a D30 strength class (bending). The need to establish tensile strength classes for hardwoods was also highlighted.

The participants highlighted the importance of monitoring, maintaining and retrofitting processes of structures. They mentioned the key importance of knowing the mechanical properties of existing materials, as well as new products/ species available and compatible with the restoration process.