From 6 to 9 September, Maitane Zazu (NASUVINSA), Vanesa Baño (CESEFOR), Carlos Martins (SERQ), Régis Le Normand (ENSAP BORDEAUX) and Apolline Oswald (XYLOFUTUR) will participate in the international congress Woodrise 2022 organised in Portoroz (Slovenia).

The partners representing the Interreg Sudoe Eguralt project will organise the workshop “Implementation and dissemination of innovative solutions for the promotion of medium-sized timber construction in the SUDOE area”. Maitane Zazu will start by presenting the Eguralt project and the case of public promotion of wooden buildings in Navarra. She will be followed by Vanesa Baño with the presentation of the book resulting from WG1 “Identification and analysis of medium height wooden buildings in the Sudoe region”. After the presentation by the Cesefor researcher, Carlos Martins will speak about the experiments on new processes, products and technologies to optimise the use of wood in construction, characteristic of WG2. Régis Le Normand and Apolline Oswald will finish with the presentation of WG3 “Dissemination, capitalisation of knowledge and awareness raising for a paradigm shift towards sustainable construction using wood”.

You can consult the workshop brochure HERE and the event programme on the Woodrise 2022 website.