On 27 May, the partners of the Interreg Sudoe Eguralt Project will attend an international conference on high-rise timber construction in Spain, France and Portugal (SUDOE Space) organised in Valladolid.

During the conference, the partners that are part of Working Group 1, Cesefor (leader of this package), Xera, Baskegur and Ensap Bordeaux will be the main protagonists as they will present the work carried out within the WG1 in relation to the state of the art and the 27 files on high-rise timber buildings in the SUDOE area. Cesefor, together with the University of Valladolid (associated partner) will be in charge of leading this event.

Attendance at the event, which also has the collaboration of the ETS of Architecture of the UVa, is open until full capacity is reached. Organised by the aforementioned institutions, it will be held on Friday 27th May at the School of Architecture of the University of Valladolid, according to the timetable that appears in the final programme that can be downloaded HERE.