Project Description

GT. T2

Project Communication

Creation of a project brand identity and a company manual from which, based on a communication strategy, the activities (workshops, courses, experiments, final seminar, etc.) and results (guides, reports, etc.) of the project are transferred and disseminated.

Through communication actions, the objective is as follows:

  • To identify challenges and opportunities for the development of high-rise timber construction through the exchange between knowledge centers, research, development and innovation actors, public authorities and industry representatives.

  • To experiment with the application of new processes, products and technologies to optimize the use of wood in the construction of mid-rise buildings.

  • To disseminate, capitalize on knowledge and raise awareness for a paradigm shift towards sustainable construction using wood as a local and renewable product.


English Brochure


Newsletter English

First project’s Newsletter: December 2021

Second project’s Newsletter: March 2022

Third project’s Newsletter: August 2022

Fourth project’s Newsletter: February 2023