Project Description

GT 1:

Diagnosis, exchange of knowledge and study of opportunities

CESEFOR is carrying out a series of works which will be recorded in the “Guide to timber construction in the SUDOE area”.

This working group aims to give a holistic view of high-rise timber construction, by breaking down the activities into theoretical and practical episodes that will be brought together in a “Guide to timber construction in the SUDOE area”, which will focus on the challenges and the opportunities identified for the development of the high-rise timber construction industry, thanks to the exchange of knowledge between the actors of the transnational round tables, the study visits, the perception studies and the overview of the situation.

The tasks that are part of WT1 are:

  • Organization of transnational working groups of actors for the exchange and identification of opportunities

  • Opportunities identified in the following areas:

  • Green public purchasing;

  • Reindustrialization of wood processing;

  • New efficient and competitive construction products, technologies and techniques.

  • Identification, analysis and study visits to reference medium-height timber construction experiences and report of analyzed experiences.

  • Survey on the perception of wood construction in the SUDOE area

  • Report on the perception, obstacles and levers of acceptability of timber construction

  • Overview of wood construction in the SUDOE region and report of findings.

  • Guide to timber construction in the SUDOE area.

Factsheets and interactive map

As a result of Activity 1.2, the following interactive map can be consulted where the main timber buildings studied in the state of the art can be visualised.

In the PDFs below you can access the technical data sheets of the 28 buildings studied and the 7 analysed in depth.

Consult the complete book on the identification and analysis of the state of wood construction at height in the SUDOE Area